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  Hickory Hills Arts Integration Academy
"We love this school! We have been there for four years now. Our third child will start kindergarten next year. Every one of our sons' teachers have been outstanding. Our children have been challenged academically and are truly thriving. The teachers care so much for each and every one of their students. The Integrated Arts program is top notch. The Arts Coordinator, Cathy Colton is an incredible asset to this program. If you haven't looked at Hickory Hills, you are missing out on a fantastic educational experience for your child."

"My oldest son started at Hickory Hills in the Fall of 2005 and my second son started in the Fall of 2006. We have had a wonderful experience! My children NEVER say they don't want to go to school! They absolutely LOVE Hickory Hills! The staff is fabulous! Teachers not only care about the teaching end of the spectrum but also develop great, close connections with the parents. I have never had a problem getting in contact with anyone from the principal on down! Even the janitors and lunchroom staff are absolutely wonderful! You can tell they all enjoy what they do and where their job is. It's a wonderful feeling to actually feel like your child's school is an extension of your family! We are thrilled to be involved in Marietta's gem of a neighborhood school where academics AND self esteem excel."

  West Side Talented and Gifted Academy  

"A quaint neighborhood school.  We cannot say enough about West Side.  Our family has been at West Side for 8 years with both of our children attending since kindergarten.   The staff is the most caring, involved group of teachers that continue to impress us with their willingness to do whatever it takes to teach each and every child.  The open door, open arms, feeling that you get when you walk the halls assures you that your child is in the best place they can be.    The TAG (Talented and Gifted) program they offer is a tremendous success.  My children love the opportunity to explore different academic areas such as broadcasting on the Stinger News, Power Point presentations in Computer class, and Fitness classes just to name a few,  This program is done in such a fun way that the children have a great time while learning.  The after school program continues to bring different opportunities for the kids to be involved in classes that they may not be able to otherwise attend;  tennis, acting, and chess just to name a few.  We could go on and on; you just have to see it for yourself and be prepared to be as impressed as we are!"
Posted 8.16.2009

“West Side has proven to be the best school for our children in so many ways!  As parents, we appreciate the varied and effective techniques the West Side teachers use to engage our 2nd grader and 4th grader and the way they respect each child’s own strengths and weaknesses.   The benefits of flexible grouping in the areas of math and reading are huge.  What a great way to differentiate learning!  This practice is just one way West Side strives to meet the needs of each student.”
Posted 8.6.2009

"West Side is the greatest school in the World!  I love all the nice teachers and the awesome playground.  During the summer, I couldn't wait to go back.  I have had wonderful teachers, who make learning cool and interesting, every year!  Stinger News has been my favorite TAG class so far -along with Zeus vs. Jupiter, where I learned about Greek Mythology and wrote a limerick about Hermes.  All my friends and I love West Side and would never ever think about leaving."                 -Submitted by 4th grade student -Posted 7.28.2009

"As parents of a 5th and 4th grader, we cannot say enough positive things about West Side. As transfer students 2 years ago, our children were made to feel as though they had been coming to WS since Kindergarten. As parents we were welcomed as well with open arms and a real sense of a community. I am so grateful to the administration, staff and teachers. Each teacher has a special gift of how to relate on an individual level to each child, zoning in on their needs and strengthening their accomplishments. WS convinced me to stay within the City of Marietta school system and not enroll my children in private school (which was a strong possibility). To this day, we have never regretted our decision to stay within the MCS system, our children have advanced further than our wildest dreams. Thank you West Side!!"

"This is an excellent jewel of a school within a small, exceptional public system. The school offers individualized instruction and differentiation as well as a school wide Talented and Gifted model which focuses on gifted teaching strategies for all students. EXCELLENT!"

   A.L. Burruss Language and Communication Academy
"Burruss is the best school my children have ever attended, including the private schools. My children have used a variety of services, both special ed and gifted. The teachers are wonderful. They really love their students. Mrs. King is the best principal I have ever worked with, as well. If a parent has a concern, they receive a timely personal call, and the issue is almost always settled by the end of the call."

"I would like to commend the leadership at A.L. Burruss. The school has a structured environment. Students are individually encouraged to do their best. There is an endless list of incentives the teachers give to foster a love for learning and discipline, responsibility, etc. My child was coming from a private school environment and I can say Burruss is as good -if not better. My child, as a new student, was made to feel very welcome by Ms. Skinner and Mrs. Brutton's class -which was a big deal, he fit right in."

   Dunleith Literacy Academy
 "Dunleith is an excellent and diverse elementary school. We have two children that attended and one that started this year. He is having a great year. The administration and the teachers are excellent. All my children have had an excellent academic career while attending. Everyone should consider Dunleith a great place for an education."

"Great school with great teachers that actually care about the students!"

   Park Street Community Academy
"My daughter recently attended Park Street for Kindergarten, and I was pleasantly suprised to find that the administration, teachers, and support staff are all enthusiastic about their mission to teach little ones. They are all professionals, through and through. My daughter was very excited about going every day, and the teachers make the extra effort to get the children the attention they deserve. She was allowed to move up to the 1st grade class for her reading, since she was exceeding the others in her class. Classmates who were falling behind were also given extra attention to help them in whatever area they needed. All the children are treated as precious and unique, and universally accorded respect by the adults in the school. Consequently, the children responded with geniune affection for the adults that were teaching them. VERY POSITIVE SCHOOL EXPERIENCE, and would highly recommend this school."

   Sawyer Road International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Academy
"My son is now in first grade and absolutely loved his kindergarden year last year. He read 74 books over the school year and we are so proud of not only him but to be a part of the school and the wonderful teachers. Thanks Sawyer Rd."
Posted 8.13.2009

"This is a fantastic school... great principal.. great teachers.. IB certified.. best teacher in all of country.. both my kids went their and they absolutely loved it.. Whenever I had a problem the Principal was right there to talk to me.. she listened and handled it.. Principal is at car rider door every morning greeting each child as they get dropped off.. Just an Awesome school ...very very neat and clean.. well kept..great positive atittudes."

Posted 7.31.2009

"I have two children attending Sawyer Road Elementary, 1st & 2nd grade. My kids love the school and so do we. The school recently received IB accreditation as well as Charter status. The school is equipped with state of the art computers, interactive 'Smart' boards, etc. What I appreciate most about Sawyer Road is the feeling of community and the teachers commitment to teaching my children excellence. I believe the test scores of any school speak volumes and Sawyer Road test scores have been steadily increasing each year. My 2nd grader scored really well on the ITBS (which is a nationally recognized test that measures children's academic standings in comparison with other same age/grade level children). I am a very active parent at the school. I personally believe my role is aiding in the success of the school to benefit most importantly my children. I strongly recommend Sawyer Road."

"I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! The principal is GREAT! She fights for her school and is constantly writing grants to improve the progress and learning capabilities of our future leaders, doctors, lawyers etc. Sawyer is an International Baccalaureate School. My daughter has rapidly advanced since she has attended the school. I've never known a principal to stand in the hall, greet and hug EVERY SINGLE CHILD that passes through.  The teachers take pride in their jobs and want to see each child grow to be mature and successful adults. If you are considering relocating or want your child to have the best education, Marietta City Schools is the way to go."

   Lockheed Leadership Academy
"My daughter is ending the 5th grade at Lockheed Elementry and I have to say she had the best 6 years at this school! They've prepared her to move on to the 6th grade. And I especially like how you can contact the teachers by e-mail or by cell phone. I am very proud of this school -keep up the good work."

"At one point both my children have gone to Lockheed. This is an excellent school. They have met the individual needs of each of my children. The teachers are wonderful and work hard to bring out the best in each child. The principal and assistant principal never cease to amaze me. They are wonderful. Their dedication to the kids is breath taking."

  Marietta Center for Advanced Academics (MCAA) 
                                                           Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academy


"MCAA is a school that lives up to its motto of "Learning without Limits."  I've had a child in the school since the doors opened in 2005 and couldn't be more pleased with both the academics and the climate. Dr. Smits is an excellent principal who sets high standards for both the faculty and the student body. She is also very accessible to parents and the community. As a parent, I have always been treated as a valued and trusted stakeholder. The school climate both celebrates success and encourages students to build on those successes.  Every year I'm impressed with how quickly my children's teacher get to know them and 'how they tick.' Each of their teachers has been completely willing to partner with us in meeting their academic, social, and emotional development needs. MCAA has been a great place for them to stretch their wings and grow in every way."
Posted 8.17.2009

"We moved to another school half way through the school year and my daughter missed MCAA so much. MCAA Teachers made each day exciting and challenging. Her new school did not offer a Science Lab and she was so bored having to learn from a book. We feel so fortunate to have been a part of this awesome school for 2 1/2 years. The kids are friendly and very accepting of each others likes and differences. I think the magnet program is great and highly recommend it."
Posted 8.8.2009

"Our daughter was in 3rd grade last year, will be in 4th grade this year. All the 3rd grade teachers were good, the MILE program was great, very creative, kids learnt a lot of things in a fun yet challenging way. There were several projects in all fields Science, Math, Arts, and Social studies. Every kid was able to find something where he/she could either excel or improve upon. The field trips were fun and educational. Several extracurricular clubs. Our daughter became much more independent, her critical thinking skills were good but have become excellent, she developed greater interest in reading. The activities and environment at MCAA was helpful for her academic and her overall development. Thank you Dr. Smits and the wonderful staff at MCAA."
Posted 8.6.2009

"Awesome! Great set of parents, students, and teachers focused on education. We're coming back for another year. The education my child has received outperforms the private school she previously attended."

"This is my daughters first year (Third Grade) and I couldn't be a happier parent. I was a little afraid for her due to all the technology but she proved to be MCAA material and has held her 4.0 GPA. Her teacher is the best 'Go Mr. D' teacher and extremely dedicated to his 'kids' (Students). Your child will receive a superb education and will also be treated with respect and care. We love this school!"




   Marietta Sixth Grade Academy (MSGA)                                                                                                                  

"A wonderful transition from elementary school!  Our daughter just completed her year at 6th grade Academy and could not have been happier.  Having a place where all the 6th grade students could come together in a school of their own was a great experience.  They are able to meet others, get used to a rigorous schedule of classes, and be in an environment that allows them to flourish as young adults.  The leadership is hands on and is vested in our children prospering academically and socially.  The staff was always available whenever we needed them, and the homework hotlines that are set up were a great tool for our student to use.  We felt that our daughter was challenged academically and was given the tools to excel in her classes.  What a smart decision we made when we chose MSGA!  We definitely will be sending our next child to the Academy when the time comes."

Posted 8.16.2009

"MSGA rocks!  My son attends and absolutely loves the school, staff and especially Principal Hibbs.  As parents coming from a local private school, we were concerned about curriculum, location and being a stand-alone 6th grade only school.  The academics are as rigorous as any other school we previewed and in most cases more challenging, with teacher participation far better than the private school we came from.  The MILE program is outstanding with constant updates from the teacher and my son feels more involved and motivated because he is given responsibility to be accountable for his own actions.  I currently have two daughters at West Side Elementary and feel very confident when they get to MSGA it will be even better!"
Posted 4.14.2009

    Marietta Middle School   
"This school is great! From the administration to the paraprofessionals, I have had nothing but praises to share. Keep up the great work!"

"I am currently in the 7th grade magnet program at this school and so far this year I am very pleased. The teachers are very good and most of the curriculum fits my level.  I returned from the Tybee Island field trip recently and I am happy to say it helped me a lot in science. Overall I am very impressed with this school."

 Marietta High School 
"Marietta should be proud of their High school. My son graduated from MHS with an IB Diploma and is now attending GA Tech on the Hope Scholarship. He has written thank you emails to some of his MHS teachers for preparing him so well for college. In addition the teachers are very caring. His MHS math teacher even helped him out with his GA Tech math class when he was having trouble understanding his teacher at GA Tech. Their caring for their students goes beyond the expected. You get out of MHS what you put into it -like any other thing in life."
Posted 10.16.2009

"Thank you MHS! Our son attended MHS and received an excellent education.   Four years ago, we hoped that he would graduate with a solid GPA, get the HOPE scholarship, and attend UGA at the completion of his high school career.   As it turns out, he received an International Baccalaureate Diploma and received the HOPE scholarship.  He was accepted to UGA, but opted to go out of state after winning $100,000 in academic scholarships.  In addition to the financial support, he tested well enough to exempt his first full year of college.  It is highly possible that his scholarship money will pay for not only his bachelors degree but also his graduate school.  We are so very pleased with the education he has received at MHS.   Our city is very fortunate to have such a great public high school."  
Posted 7.1.2009

"My son graduated from MHS with an excellent education. Teachers were demanding and the administration is superb. He has maintained his HOPE scholarship at Ga Tech for three years. This is a great school."

"Excellent School! My daughter has a great group of friends and loves her teachers. MHS academics cannot be beat!"
"I went to Marietta High last year, and I have to say, it's the best school I have ever been to. The teachers were great. They were so nice and caring, and always seemed to want to help. The students were great as well, they were cool, funny, and very helpful. I came in to MHS a few months late, and the seniors were ready and willing to help me out, which shocked me, considering I was a freshman. Its truly an awesome school."
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